Are You Considering Selling Your Home?

Determining Your Needs

Motivation - Why have you decided to sell your home?

Timing - Are you flexible in timing or are we working towards closing before a certain date?

Pricing - Are you selling for profit or is debt a concern?

Decision Making - Will anyone else (family members, financial advisors) be involved?

Communication - How often would you like updates, and what is the best way to communicate?

Previous Selling Experiences - What was good? What went bad?

Personal Property - Are you planning to include any personal property in the sale?

Condition of Home - Any problems with the property that will need to be disclosed? Are there any Physical Issues with your home? Have you had to do any Major Repairs? Are there any Liens on your home? Are there any Easements, or Encroachments associated with your home?

Relocating - Can I assist you in purchasing a new home or moving to a new area?

Concerns - Are there any general concerns you would like to discuss?

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Working for You as Your Seller’s Agent

There are 3 types of Agency Relationships between parties in a real estate transaction:

Seller’s Agent - An agent who represents the Seller

Buyers Agent - An agent who represents the Buyer

Dual Agency - An Agent who represents both the Seller and Buyer

When you select me to promote the sale of your property, I become your “Seller’s Agent” working on your behalf and looking out for your best interests. I will market your home, evaluate and negotiate offers from buyers, and guide you throughout the entire transaction to ensure a successful closing.

Working Towards an Accurate Price

Priced Too Low:

I want to be careful to not price the home too low, as I do not want to leave money on the table. My goal is to get you as much money as I can.

Priced Too High:

I also want to be cautious of pricing too high. Homes that are priced too high produce far less showings, and typically those showings do not generate offers.

Accurately Priced:

Pricing a home accurately is the best way to ensure that the home will sell in the shortest time possible, yet also achieve the highest price possible.


I have experience when it comes to researching the market and finding comparables. I encourage you to stay realistic in your pricing, and accomplish the ultimate goal of selling your home.

What Makes up a Comparable Sale?

Comparable sales are the sale prices of similar homes that have sold. Comparable sales are not active listings nor pending sales; although they can be compared, those values do not carry the same weight as a home that has already sold.

The main components of a comparable sale:

  • Recent Time Frame of Sale

  • Close Proximity (Location)

  • Similar Square Footage

  • Similar Age and Construction

  • Similar lot Size

  • Similar Condition

What Affects Your Home’s Market Value?

What Affects Your Home’s Market Value?

Physical Characteristics:

Your home’s location, home size, lot size, architectural design, floor plan, age, amenities and condition have the strongest impact on the value.

Market Conditions:

There are other factors that also directly impact the value of your home. These include current mortgage rates, federal and regional economic conditions, buyer demand, seasonal demand, availability of competing properties and prices of recently sold properties. It’s quite simple, a Buyer is just not going to pay any more than they have to when purchasing a home. They have been watching the market closely, and are out there looking at all the inventory. They know more than anyone what is available, and for how much. If your price is within the range of your market, Buyers will come look at your home. If you’re priced too high, they probably will skip it. Your high price will make your competition look good, and will get them sold, not you.

The Selling Equation

The “Selling Equation”


Its really quite a simple equation. Price + Exposure = Your Home Sold. You must first start out with the correct, accurate pricing for your home. Then once we have the home priced right, we will heavily market to both potential buyers as well as to other Real Estate Agents in the area. We have established many great avenues and resources for marketing your home.

87% of home sales are generated from marketing efforts of a real estate professional.

Over 90% of buyers are searching online for homes.

With the utmost importance of online exposure, I have a strategic marketing plan that focuses strongly on the exact locations where buyers are looking the most.


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